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Hasözgen Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.
  • (12-09-2013)
    Tokat'ta bulunan baskı ve düz boya boyahanemizde çalışmak üzere tecrübeli laboratuvar sorumlusu alınacaktır. adresinden ...
  • (08-28-2013)
    The first model thorn Mechanic is wanted to work in Istanbul Merter  ... those who are interested can apply at ...
  • (08-28-2013)
    Marketing officer is wanted to work in Istanbul Merter  ... those who are interested can apply at ...
  • Berivan
    a traditional head scarf in dozens of countries affected by the Anatolian civilizations cover. change in the product group increased the diversity of head-turning fashion scarves. As a result, this group holds hundreds of market dominance product, Berivan scarf. 40. Hasözgen textil anniversary today with the body of 12-year-old Berivan scarves product range is the most preferred in Turkey, offering the highest quality products to the market with 100% domestic integrated facilities, the largest manufacturer of scarves
  • Evvel
    a global brand of evvel tablecloths. Exceptional print quality, unique designs, always setting standards in the industry and is a global brand . evvel the same time, renewed every year, 25% of the 112 216 variant patterns and constantly offering new business partners and customers on a regular basis is a legend. You can see our products below
  • Ventura Rozetti
    Scarf, shawl, bandana g group, national and global brands partner with Hasözgen textile products, high quality, manufacturing arguments use does not adversely affect human health, the on-site team of experts in the field of fashion industry is a dynamic axis by continuous product improvement innovation exhibitions. Here's the name of this dynamism Ventura group Rozetti accessories accessory. Find out more